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        英特班注重培養學生英語口語及表達能力,培養運用兩種語言進行思維的能力,實現中西教育模式的融合與過渡。 同時,還設有知識理論課和社會實踐課,注重學生科學、藝術、演講和體能等方面的全面發展。為了培養學生的社交禮儀和高雅情操,把鋼琴作為英特班必修課。

        Established in 2005, the International Department’s mission is to foster global citizens through strengthening students' communication skills in both English and Chinese; developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills; cultivating awareness for global issues; promoting art appreciation;  and enriching students' experiences through a variety of extra-curricular activities. In addition to the compulsory education courses outlined by the state, the Suwai International Department incorporates carefully selected syllabus from European countries and the United States into students' academic curriculum, which are taught by professional foreign teachers.



        Innovation創新  Nobility高尚  Teamwork合作  Enthusiasm熱情  Responsibility責任


        外方課程:美國教材,外籍教師任教 Foreign Curriculum: (taught by foreign teachers)

        Math, Spelling, Trophies, Grammar, Phonics, Science, Writing,PE


        中方課程:中方教師任教 State Curriculum: (taught by Chinese teachers)

        語文、數學、鋼琴、體育、信息、選修等。Chinese Language, Mathematics, Piano, PE, Information Technology, and other electives.


        實踐課程:Major Department Wide Events

        Reading Festival, Spooky Sports Day, Christmas Fair, SMART Fair, Spelling Bee, Art Festival

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