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        IGCSEInternational General Certificate of Secondary Education(國際中學教育普通證書)的簡稱, CIE劍橋全球測試考試的組成部分。全球每年有144個國家約50萬學生修讀IGCSE課程,完美對接A-level、AP、IB等國際課程。

        International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a part of the CIE Cambridge Examination system. Cambridge IGCSEs are studied by more than 5half a million students in over 144 countries and regions worldwide and the qualification prepare them for international courses such as A-levels, AP and IB.



        IGCSE in SFLS is based on the curriculum developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The course integrates the essence of Chinese culture and the values of international education. IGCSE is dedicated to the education of students into citizens with free wills and self-discipline. We encourage student-centered and inquiry-based learning to develop students’ skills of lifelong learning, thinking skills, and problem-solving. It is intended to lay a strong foundation for students seeking for further study in international high schools or oversea universities.


        Taking IGCSE courses offers our students a seamless transition from middle school to A-level, AP and IB programs, allowing them to choose from elite schooling options both at home and abroad.


        核心課程 Core Courses


        Chinese; Mathematics; English; Physics; Chemistry; Computer Science; Economics; and Additional Mathematics.


        選修課程 Elective courses:


        Basic Programming; Food and Nutrition; Drama; Art and Design; Football; Basketball; Baseball,; Badminton; Street Dance; English Documentary; Creative Media; Competition Training …


        多語種課程 Multilingual Courses


        Spanish; Germany; and French


        創新課程 Innovative Courses

        領導力與邏輯學、IGP、IGM、IG Writing Centre

        Leadership and Critical Thinking; IGP; IGM; and IG Writing Centre



        SFLS IGCSE Creative Course--- Mentoring System



        IG Mentoring: IGM is aimed at developing students’ relational skills, providing students with the emotional support they need, and helping them become well-rounded. In IGM every eight students are paired with one mentor. They meet at least once per week for the three consecutive years in IGCSE. Mentors know the changes and development of students’ thinking via various communication and activities.



        IG Projects: All the students may select from a list of topics and choose the one they are most interested in. 12-14 students work together in a group over the year on projects within each topic. Their work is assessed according to the final presentation given towards the end of each term.


        朋輩互助—IG Writing center:IG寫作指導中心,是蘇外IGCSE的師生發起的校內學習交流組織,一周兩次進行英文寫作指導活動,由高年級的學生為英文寫作有困難的低年級新生提供輔導,幫助他們提高英文寫作水平。

        Peer Mentoring Writing Centre: IG writing centre is a learning and sharing organization sponsored by IG students as well as teachers. Students from senior grades help to review and give feedback on the writings from junior grade students. Through this peer mentoring both mentors and mentees’ English writing abilities are improved.



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