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        In response to the appeal of the country to train innovative talents, SFLS not only cultivates elites, but also borrows advanced educational ideas from foreign countries in order to utilize the advantages of both Chinese and Western education. Here the innovative and reasonable curriculum, the optimized teacher resources, the attention on frontier tendency change the students' learning method from cognition to cognition and action. As a result, student's full potential can be fully inspired, whose EQ and IQ can be improved simultaneously. In addition, their literacy in Arts and Sciences can be developed at the same time, which lays a solid foundation for further innovative learning.


        培養目標 Education Goal


        Inspire students' talent and potential, build solid subject foundation, embody active aesthetic taste and humanistic consciousness. Aim to cultivate elite teenagers with scientific minds and innovative ability for future competition and social responsibilities.

        國家必修課程 National Compulsory Curriculum

        九年義務教育初中階段基礎課程 Nine-year compulsory education

        經典特色課程 Classic Feature Course

        多語種;外教戲??;雙語公眾演講;國學等 Multilingual, drama, bilingual public presentation, sinology, etc 

        創新科技課程 Technology Innovation Course

        編程;STEAM;3D打??;工程與設計等 programme ,steam, 3D printing ,engineering and design, etc


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